Well, in many cases a major redecoration might be a problem and you should consult your landlord, before you unleash your imagination. What is more, in many cases a major renovation will require special skills and years-long of experience only a professional handyman service can provide. If you’re not allowed to completely transform your sweet rented home and don’t have the skills necessary, here’s a list of safe and small improvements, you can actually DIY. And of course, you should be aware of the possibility to take as much of those additions as you can when it’s time for moving out and hiring man with van.

1. Key Box

If you always lose your keys, even if they’re hung on a bunch of key chains, place a key-box. It is both convenient and chic. There are a number of models, which vary from ordinary, safe-deposit box-like to chic and vintage. The choice is all yours. Normally, they’ll have to be affixed to the wall with a nail or two. But, if you’re not allowed to to pierce even one hole on the wall, so you don’t ruin your wall’s flawless appearance, you can always place it on a shelf or bureau near the entrance door. Thus you’ll save yourself the mini-heart attacks, when you cannot find your car keys.

2. Change The Drapery

You don’t like the dull colour of the curtains on your bedroom windows? Change them with something, which will please your taste. DIY ombre drapes might be a good choice, if you’d like to add a chic touch in your tedious home.

3. Rearrange Furniture

You can either trust yourself, or feng shui to rearrange the furniture in every room. This way you’ll have more space and add a small change to the rented apartment. A small reshuffle like this one will change the appearance of the rooms completely.

4. Spruce Up Your Home With DIY Cushions

You did a number of things to make your apartment cozy, but the setting still doesn’t carry your own personality print. Well, you can add a few cushions on the couch, bed or armchairs. What is even better, you can do create them yourself. You have no limitations in what to print. Take a potato, cut it in half, carve up your design, a star, for example. Then take the improvised eco-stamp and apply textile dye. Test it on a piece of paper or extra piece of textile to see, if everything looks as planned. Make the prints and leave the pillowcase dry. Make sure it’s buttoned in one of its ends, so you can easily undress the cushions and wash the pillowcases.

5. Organise Power Strips

To organise the cables in the bedroom, so you can walk safely and there’s no possibility to kill yourself, if you accidentally trip, put them in a drawer. Most bedside tables have a hole in the back, so put the power strip in one of the drawers from the back of the nightstand. Thus you wouldn’t have to walk all over the room to charge the phone or switch the nightlight.

6. More Seats

If you’re short on money, but still need to add a few more seats for a larger number of guests, use cushions. You don’t have to spend a fortune on brand new, fancy ottomans. You can place big and comfortable cushions around the coffee table. Thus the look of your living room will look both different and cozy.

7. A DIY Bookcase

If you need more space to place your favourite books and you’re on a tight budget a pallet bookcase will come in handy. Place a few shorter pallets on top of each other and affix them together to create the floors you need, lacquer them and place the case in the place of choice.